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Here’s hoping…


So I don’t have time for a full post, because I have to go to work in about an hour, thus this will be brief.

I have a second date with M tonight!  We are going to dinner and then she is performing in this singer/songwritter showcase thingy.  She hasn’t been texting me that much, but she always responds when I text, so I’m not sure how much she’s into me and how much is just me feeling insecure.  Either way, I’m sure I’ll find out on our date tonight, so I am super excited and also super nervous.  Sometimes second dates seem to have more on the line than first dates do… On a first date, the stakes are low.  If you don’t like each other, no biggie, you just move on.  But by now, I’ve realized that I really like this girl- in a way I haven’t liked anyone in quite a while, maybe ever – and getting rejected would suck a lot.  I’d get over it, of course, but I feel like there’s a lot more riding on this date.

The awkward thing is…. there’s a good chance my ex will be at the showcase tonight. I saw on FB that she was invited, and it’s totally her thing.  I broke up with my ex almost 5 months ago, and I know for a fact we’ve both slept with other people since.  However… my ex recently got drunk and told a mutual friend that she is still in love with me, so I know it would be really hard for her to see me with someone else. Part of me breaking up with her means that she no longer is allowed to give input on these aspects of my life, but as a compassionate human being, I don’t want to be all over some other chick right in front of her.  That would be a total dick move. Plus, there’s a good chance the ex and M might know each other, which could add another level of awkward…  I’m thinking I should tell M about this during dinner before the show, but I’m not sure I know how to bring it up…  Let’s just say that tonight could be interesting…..

To add another dimension, I checked the lesbian horoscope website this morning (not that I put much stock in horoscopes) and its predictions were strangely fitting:

My horoscope:


“Today is the start of a very exciting period for you. Your love life (both romantically and sexually) will undergo a major change, but don’t worry — it’s the right type of change. Just don’t let your insecurity get to you.”


M’s horoscope:


“You’re about to be bitten by the love bug, but you may not notice because this relationship will start with a whisper not a bang. You may want all the drama that goes with passion, but the quiet ones last longer.”

Interesting, right? Looks like the stars may be aligned for an awesome date tonight… but wait, cause it gets better.

My ex-gf’s horoscope:


“Consider what you would do if you were in her place before you go and do anything stupid. Chances are, both of you are overreacting. You don’t want to turn this one small problem into a major dilemma.”



I’ll leave it at that for now and let you know what happens…



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